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Miranda Nicole


I was raised in the middle of the desert in Southern California, I like to call the Antelope Valley, there might not be a lot out here but I call this vast landscape my home.  From a very young age, art caught my interest… I started to draw at every chance I could get! (Even if the meant the desks at school) Everything about the culture enriched my life, I wanted to be one of the artists we swooned over as young adults. Unfortunately the stigma of ‘starving artist’ hit home and I soon started to let go my dreams of becoming an artist. I started college and was well on my way to applying for major medical universities, working two jobs and full load of classes… what an adventure! But one day I happened to walk in to the right shop at the right time, and I fell in love with who would be my family for years to come. They saw something in me and reignited the passion I had my whole life for art. I am so grateful for the opportunity that they had offered me to grow in this industry and to find my love for tattooing! I’m excited to continue on the journey now 7 years later with the amazing artists here at MD Studios, thank you to all my loyal clients and I welcome all my new ones in the future. Without the love and support of you all, I wouldn’t be able to follow my dreams!



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