MD Tattoo Studio
9545 Reseda Blvd. #2
Northridge, CA 91324

Business Hours:
Monday 11:00am - 5:00pm Tuesday - Sat 10:00am - 7:30pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is MD Tattoo Studio located? What are your hours?
MD Tattoo Studio is located at 9545 Reseda Blvd. #2, Northridge, California 91324. Our hours are Monday 11am – 5pm and Tues -Sat 10am to 7:30pm. We may leave early if we are finished working so please call ahead if you plan to stop by and it’s later on in the day. Reach us at (818) 700-2818 and press 7 for the main phone line.

How do I set up an appointment to get tattooed by one of your artists at MD Tattoo Studio?

We get a lot of requests for appointments and we want to let you know that we appreciate every single one. We are honored to know that you are interested in getting our artwork tattooed on you, and we understand that every idea comes from the heart. Please send us an email, call or stop by the shop to set something up.  Emailing is a good way to go about setting up an appointment and within that email please give a brief description of what you would like to get done, including placement, size, color or black and grey. Clicking on “Artists” at the top of the page brings you to our individual artists profiles and emails. Browse through the galleries of tattoos and you can choose who you would like to get work done by and simply email, call them directly or stop on by.

How long are you guys booked out? Do I need to set up an appointment?

We do take walk-ins but it is not guaranteed that a specific artist will be available. Some of us are booked out a couple months and some of us are booked out just a few days. Setting up an appointment is best but we also often have spots that open up for some of us, so come on down or call us to see if we have time for a specific day.

What is your deposit requirement and hourly rates?

We require a one hour amount according to what each tattoo artist charges per hour: Kyle DeVries (shop apprentice) $80. Crankee Brard $120. Bookie Thompson and KC Kellman $150 and Daniel Chashoudian $200. For small tattoos that would take an hour or less we would still need a one hour upfront deposit which corresponds with which artist you choose. The price for small tattoos (shop minimum) depends on which artist you go with – their hourly rate is the minimum.  For bigger tattoos we can give you a close ballpark figure on what it will cost once we know size, placement, color or black and grey, etc.

Deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances! If you give at least 48 hours notice before your scheduled appointment, we can reschedule your appointment to another date and you will not lose your deposit. If it’s under 48 hours or if you do not give the proper notice you will lose your deposit. If you would still like to get tattooed you unfortunatly will need to leave another deposit. PayPal/Personal Check payments are not accepted at the shop for deposits or tattoos.

To get tattooed by Mike DeVries please email him off his personal website -Mike isn’t taking on every request he gets. For best chances to get in with him please fill out the entire form on the contact page and keep the tattoo description brief.

What is your shop minimum?

MD Tattoo Studio shop minimum is $120.00 for small tattoos that take anywhere from 5-45 minutes. Anything that takes an hour or longer it goes to what the particular artist charges per hour. Your tattoo artist will be able to tell you exactly how much it will cost before you have it done, so you will know exactly what you will be paying.

Do you accept cash or credit cards?

Yes, we accept cash and all major credit cards.

Can I use Bitcoin for a tattoo?

Yes, we are now accepting Bitcoin for any size tattoo! Tattoo for Bitcoin is here at MD Tattoo Studio. If you’re interested in using Bitcoin please “email here!

How long does a portrait tattoo usually take?

On average, a portrait in color could take between 3-6 hours depending on size, placement on the body, and how detailed the image is. In black and grey, a portrait could take anywhere between 3-5 hours, also depending on those factors; and obviously, if the tattoo is really big it could take longer. These estimates are based on an average size, around 4 x 6 inches, give or take a little. We could give you a closer estimate of time after we see the picture and know size and placement.

What type of tattoos do you like to do?

We have 6 artists and all of us love to do all different styles. Have a look through our online photo gallery and you’ll get a sense of what each artist likes to do. All in all, we do it all!

What type of tattoos do you not do?

There are certain styles that we tend to stay away from. There are also certain types of tattoos that we won’t do at all, which include racist and gang-related tattoos.

Can I set up a tattoo consultation with you?

If you would like to meet in person that would be great. It’s not necessary, but it is fine if you would like to stop by the studio to discuss your ideas in person, Again, please email or call us first and once we get going we can set up a time to meet. You can also swing by the studio at any time when we are open and we would definitely have a few minutes to talk. We would have more time if we set up that appointment beforehand.

Can I get you to draw a tattoo for me even if you don’t tattoo it yourself? Do you sell tattoo stencils?

We wish we could. The problem is lack of time. We have many appointments set in stone that we have to get ready for, so it is hard for us to make time for such a request. And sorry, we don’t sell stencils. If there is something you like that I have done and we’re not going to be the one tattooing it, find the artist that you’re going with and have him design a piece for you so it is more custom for you. Out of respect for us and the collector please don’t copy the exact tattoo, but rather get ideas and inspiration from them.

In your tattoo shop do I have the option of being tattooed in a private tattoo room?

At MD Tattoo Studio we work in an open environment in separated cubicle style booths. It’s not very private, but we do have one private tattoo room that is available upon request. If you want to get tattooed in privacy please provide us at MD Studio with at least 24 hours of notice before your appointment.

Do you guys do cover-up tattoos?

If it’s a cover-up that you need, please email a picture of your existing tattoo and let us know what you would like to cover it with and we will let you know. Sometimes your ideas for it just won’t work, but we’ll give you our opinion on it. Sometimes it might take some laser treatments before we could go and cover it, but it all depends on how dark the piece is and what you want to stick over it. Remember that full-color works best for cover-ups.

Do you do tattoo touch-ups on other tattoo artists work?

If you are indeed finished with your artist and are not happy with the work, we would consider to do a touch-up or a cover-up tattoo for you. Email, call or swing by the shop.

Do you usually do a second sitting on your work?

If it’s a piece that is average size it usually won’t get a second pass. If it’s bigger and we just start it (map it in) that first day, then of course it’s going to need a second pass to finish on another day once it’s healed. If we do a tattoo that is called finished after that first session we may suggest a second sitting just to make it better. Portrait tattoos could use a second sitting, even if it doesn’t really look like it needs it, it will just help with the longevity of the tattoo and make it look even better. Think of it as an oil painting, revisiting it is always a plus, so you can get in there and tighten, smooth and detail things out. Second or third sittings on a piece are not free. If you need a touch-up on a tattoo we did for you, we will touch that up for no charge, just make sure to contact us sooner rather than later for that.

Do you take on tattoo apprentices? Any advice for someone looking for one?

Not at this time… If you’re looking for an apprenticeship, we would suggest building a strong portfolio of drawings and paintings and researching the good tattoo shops in your area. Take your portfolio there and see if they would be interested in taking you on as an apprentice. If you get turned down, ask them what it would take? It might take making your portfolio stronger. Don’t get discouraged, use that as fuel to get better and keep trying.

What do you recommend for tattoo aftercare? How long will it take for my tattoo to heal?

Our tattoo aftercare might seem a little different than most ways you might have done or heard about in the past. When you leave the shop you’ll have your new tattoo wrapped up. Leave that wrap on for a couple hours, then take it off and go directly in the shower. Clean it really well with soap, lathered up in your hand (don’t use a wash cloth or loofah). You don’t want to wrap the tattoo again (unless you guys finish late and you can go ahead and sleep with the wrap on and clean it in the morning, also wrap it up if you are sleeping in a hotel room). The main thing you need to do is keep it clean. We suggest washing it 3-4 times a day for the first few days and 2-3 times a day after that, until it’s healed. We recommend applying a thin layer of Redemption Tattoo Care on it 2-3 times a day for 3-4 days, or once it wants to start peeling, then use a fragrance-free lotion, such as Lubriderm or Curel. Apply that a few times a day until it’s healed, your tattoo should be healed in 9-14 days (give or take). During the healing phase you can’t go swimming in a pool, the ocean or soak in the tub; and don’t scratch or pick it. If it itches, putting on a little lotion helps. Just don’t over do it with the lotion.

Do you do piercings or carry body jewelry?

Yes, we do piercings by appointment only and we do carry high quality body jewelry. For more information on getting a piercing done or purchasing jewelry please contact Crankee.

Can I guest spot at your studio?

At this current time we can’t accommodate a guest artist.  However, you can always email us some pictures of your tattoo work. Note: You would need to bring your own clientele. Also Note: Don’t get your feelings hurt if we say no. On occasion it could just be a bad time as well.

What kind of camera do you use to photograph your tattoos?

The Iphone actually takes great pictures of tattoos. That’s what we use.

How do you decide to do a tattoo in traditional black & grey, grey color monochrome or full-color?

Usually we will go over the pros and cons of each before we start if you are undecided on what colors you want. Everyone’s skin is different so we would be more than happy to give our suggestions to you.

Can I get the same tattoo you have already done on somebody? Or can I use photos of your tattoos for myself or to use it on my website?

When we tattoo we take pride in its individuality and the custom work we put into it. We won’t duplicate the same tattoo, so please be respectful of us and the recipient of the tattoo. If you are interested in using a picture of our work for anything please write us and let us know, and we’ll give you personal permission.


MD Store/Ordering Questions

Do you ship all over the world?

Yes, we ship all over the world. We do have some distributors in different parts of the world too. You can check online or with your local supplier and see if they offer what you’re looking for and if they do, it will save on shipping too.

Do you wholesale your books and DVDs?

Yes, we do. If you would like carry my books or DVDs, please email us through the contact page.

What are the shipping costs?

It varies on what you purchase. DVDs, shirts, hats and stencil products are five dollars to ship within the United States; and ten dollars outside of it. Books are $15.00 in the US and $30.00 outside the US.

What is Stencil Stuff and how does it work?

Stencil Stuff is a product designed for tattoo artists to help apply longer lasting stencils on the skin. It is a non-toxic lotion type gel that you rub on the skin before applying the stencil. Stencil Stuff keeps that stencil from rubbing off so easily and it doesn’t mess up the stencil if you need to reapply it to get it right. It is also, and most importantly, a cleaner, safer way to apply stencils. It is used by thousands of tattoo artists every day. You can check out for more info. Tricks to using it: Shake bottle before using it, clean the area properly before applying the stencil. I like to use hand sanitizer or an alcohol-based product that cleans and also dries out the skin a little bit, which helps keep the stencil on even better. Once I do that, I rub it in like a lotion, leaving the area consistent (not too wet and not too dry) and after that it is ready for the stencil. Allow about 10 minutes to dry. I usually apply the stencil before I set up so it allows for a good amount of drying time. If it’s a small piece and you are not worried about it staying on for a long time, you could get away with just a few minutes of dry time.

What is Spray Stuff and how does it work?

Spray Stuff was developed by the makers of Stencil Stuff. It was designed for tattoo artists that do free-hand drawings on the skin. Spray Stuff contains no harsh chemicals. It is 100% non-toxic & vegan friendly. Spray Stuff is a non-toxic spray that you apply over a marker/pen drawing that you free-hand on the skin. It helps in the longevity of that drawing. There’s nothing worse than losing your free-hand drawing half way through a tattoo. For more info on Spray Stuff you can visit Tricks to using it: Shake before using it after the area has been prepped and drawn on, either with pens or different types of markers, including Sharpie markers. Spray a light mist about 8 inches away from the area. A lighter mist is better than too much. Let dry for about 10 minutes and you should be good to go. It will definitely buy you more time than not using anything at all. You can even spray a couple of layers if you’re looking for extra hold.