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Tattoos Are Good For Your Health!

Tattoos Are Good For Your Health!

A new study from University of Alabama found that getting tattoos may boost your immune system! As we all know getting a tattoo is painful so with more tattoos and longer sessions your body reacts by building up its defenses. Sounds like the more tattoos you get the better! What are your thoughts?


CLICK HERE┬áto see a short article from Fox11 News or you can read the full study called “Tattooing to ‘Toughen Up'” published in the American Journal of Human Biology HERE.


reptile back piece tattoo

Blue tree monitor and panther chameleon backpiece collaboration by MD Tattoo Studio artists Mike DeVries and Jamie Lee Parker. This client must have a really strong immune system by now!



Crankee's in the House!


Tattoo Prodigies 2