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With The Light Of Truth

With The Light Of Truth

With The Light of Truth is published by Memento Publishing and was compiled by Dan Smith. 13 inches by 9 inches. 256 full-color pages. Hardcover, with a gorgeous front cover that features gold foil embossed on black saifu cloth; gold gilded edges; and a black ribbon bookmark. Each book comes shrink-wrapped. To top it all off, it’s only 50 bucks!


The interview questions and profiles in this book are very uplifting and present a positive outlook on life, which can further be seen through each of the featured artisan’s accomplishments. Each artist has their own profile, with interviews, a photo of themselves, and a page of artwork which was created specifically for this book. There is also a gallery of each participant’s tattoos to follow their profile. Click here to your your copy today!



Tis the season

Cranial Visions

Cranial Visions SoftCover Edition