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My name is Chris Booker, but many know me as “Bookie.” Art has always been special to me, but for a very long time I sought out to be an athlete. I made one of the hardest decisions of my life to give up my pursuit in basketball and dedicated myself to art. Art has always been natural for me, I guess you can say it was my God given talent that I suppressed for so long. In 2010 I apprenticed under Sasha Konkin under some pretty gnarly terms, but his teachings have all been for my long term success.  I enjoy all all styles of tattooing. I’d like to think of myself as a learner first, then a artist because I’m constantly researching, learning, and applying it to my art. My work is constantly evolving. In August of 2017, Mike Devries offered me the opportunity to work at his studio alongside of him and some awesome artists. I quickly accepted the opportunity, and its been one of the best decisions! My days off are spent with my wife and children, or creating and enjoying life.



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