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My name is Matt Hildebrand, I have spent the majority of my life living in Washington state, where I apprenticed and began tattooing in 2010. Throughout my life I have always been drawn to art and hoped to make some sort of career in it, although I never knew exactly how that would be. After going to college briefly for graphic design I knew that route was not for me and began searching for an apprenticeship in tattooing, as I was always fascinated by the art and industry since I was young. Fast forward a bit and as of January 2019 Mike DeVries offered me an opportunity to come work with him and the other extremely talented artists at his shop. I am looking forward to living in California again (I lived in Huntington for almost 3 years) and am very excited for this transition to L.A.

HOURLY RATE: $250.00/hr With A 5 Hour Minimum – $250 Deposit Required


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