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Get a Mini 3D Color Realistic Tattoo by Mike DeVries!

3d blow pop tattoo

Get a Mini 3D Color Realistic Tattoo by Mike DeVries!

Make Your Appointment Today While His Books Are Still Open!

Mike’s been working on a new series of mini realistic tattoos that he’s very excited about and he’s opened the books to schedule clients who are looking to add one of these fun pieces to their tattoo collection. While they may be “mini” in size, make no mistake, a lot of planning, preparation, and work goes into turning these designs into successful tattooed treasures. They also tend to take longer than most people think they would because of the incredible amount of detail and attention that they require.

Not only does Mike love creating these tattoos, but his clients are raving about them and are also thrilled about how well they heal. Mike would love to do more of these pieces and he’s now booking appointments if you are interested in adding your own mini tattoo (or two or three) to your tattoo collection.

For the most optimal outcome, Mike recommends turning over as much artistic freedom (regarding how to design the 3D effect) to him as you are comfortable with. These tattoos must be executed carefully, and he can discuss this more with you when you book your appointment. Reference subjects such as your favorite candy, food, beverage, snack, sneaker, or similar types of items to be tattooed are excellent themes to focus on. In addition, the actual size of the item is preferable.

Contact Mike today with your miniature tattoo idea and let the fun begin!


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