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Tattoo Collaboration

Tattoo Collaboration

Tattoo Collaboration

Hey everyone! Check out this rad tattoo collaboration done by KC Kellman and Mike DeVries. As Mike DeVries is known for his awesome realism and KC Kellman is known for his great Traditional work! A creative spark was brought into their minds as they pondered different tattoo ideas. As their minds came together they thought “why not combine our own styles into this tattoo.”

Throughout this tattoo, KC and Mike would switch sides about every 30 minutes so they both had the opportunity to add there own spice to the tattoo during the process. Being so close together during this tattoo they were both able to teach each other a little bit about their style and give tips to each other, it was a great learning experience for them, and this happens with most tattoo collaborations, when two minds come together it creates a unique style in itself.

Stay tuned for more collabs from these two as they have plans to do more. Contact one of them if you’re interested in getting something like this!

Redemption Tattoo Aftercare

Redemption Tattoo Aftercare

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Tattoos Are Good For Your Health!