Pedro Lopes

Brazilian tattoo artist that does realistic black and grey in Thousand Oaks California

Brazilian artist, Pedro Lopes, moved to the United States in 2014 to pursue his passion for tattoo art. He specializes in black and grey, as well as color realism; and he excels at tattooing portraits, statues, flowers, animals, and anything that he can put a realistic spin on. Pedro is a self-taught artist with a soft, yet bold approach, and creates some of the cleanest realism you can find! Pedro says, “I am very proud to be a tattoo artist. For me, this was a gift from God.” The achievements that Pedro has had in the tattoo industry provides him with a comfortable life for him and his wonderful son, for which he is extremely grateful for. We can’t wait to watch the continued tattooed treasures that he creates in the future! Will you be one of the lucky ones to add Pedro’s work to your collection?

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